PostgreSQL Server and Database Objects


Server service

When you install a PostgreSQL instance, you will have a corresponding PostgreSQL server service.


A database is a container of other objects such as tables, views, functions, indexes, etc. You can create as many databases as you want inside a PostgreSQL server.


The table is used to store the data. You can have many tables in a database. A special feature of PostgreSQL table is inheritance. Meanings a table (child table) can inherit from another table (parent table) so when you query data from the child table, the data from parent table is also showing up.


A schema is a logical container of tables and other objects inside a database. Each PostgreSQL database may have multiple schemas. It is important to note that schema is a part of ANSI-SQL standard.


The function is a block reusable SQL code that returns a scalar value of a list of records. In PostgreSQL, functions can also return composite objects.


Casts enable you to convert one data type into another data type. Casts actually backed by functions to perform the conversion. You can also create your own casts to override the default casting provided by PostgreSQL.



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